J-P. Gérard-Simon S.A - Taxidermy / Tanning

A family tradition, a lively and modern vision    

For the company GERARD-SIMON, Taxidermy is a family business. Founded in 1870, the house was set up by the first of 5 generations. Jules GERARD managed it from 1870 through 1896, followed by Jules GERARD Junior from 1896 through 1925, Joseph GERARD from 1925 to 1954, Jacques GERARD from 1958 to 1989, and eventually Jean-Pierre GERARD, from 1989 until nowadays.

When we mount 10 lions, each time we start from scratch. It helps also to learn always more on the anatomy and to progress in work quality. Remember that even if we execute entire pieces like elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, etc., the brocket head or fox you will entrust us will still be welcome, and we shall execute it with the utmost care.

All our form in polyurethane foam are manufactured in our workshops depending on the size of the skin, in order to personalize the animal.

Extend worldwide to share our passion

In addition to the 32 international museums of natural history we are working for, we have the trust of a lot of private customers, collectors, or lovers of hunting, whether French, German, Belgian, Dutch or Spanish.

We have also the privilege to have among our customers a Arabic emir and a Qatari emir.

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